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Vehicle - Satellite & Navigation Units

Newest Models:

ADVUV630I (Universal)

OTOMF1 (Toyota)


OHOCRV1 (Honda)

OHOCVC1 (Honda)

OHYSFE1 (Hyundai)

OHYSON1 (Hyundai)

OTOHIG1 (Toyota)

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OFO1501 (Ford)

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OSUFOR1 (Subaru)


Older Models:

ADVUV630 (Universal)

TOCLJOE100 (Toyota)

TOCLSOE100 (Toyota)

TOCMROE100 (Toyota)

OTOCAM2 (Toyota)

Toyota Prius OE-styled multimedia & navigation unit

The OTOPRI1 is compatible with the 2010 - 2013 Toyota Prius vehicles. The system includes some of the most sought after consumer features like built-in Navigation with Navteq US/Canada maps plus 11 million POIs and 3D landmarks. This system also offer turn-by-turn voice guidance in 13 languages and spoken street names in English, French and Spanish as well as built-in Parrot Bluetooth with external Parrot microphone, hi-res 7 touch screen, Made for iPhone and iPod, rear-view camera with Instant-on technology as well as MediaLink interface module with a true USB 2.0 and 3.5mm a/v inputs that also allow video from an iPod or iPhone (optional cable required) and a 3-year warranty

Audio / Video out

7" widescreen LCD with touch panel display

Front / Rear / Subwoofer RCA out

MediaLINK interface module with USB and 3.5mm AV input

DVD / CD / MP3 WMA playback

• Built-in navigation in 19 languages

• Voice guidance in English, French and Spanish

• 11 million POIs with 3D screens

• Built-in Parrot Bluetooth with external microphone

• Handsfree (HFP), audio streaming (A2DP), AVRCP and phonebook transfer

• Made for iPhone. No additional parts required

• Made for iPod. No additional parts required

• Rear-view camera ready with "Instant-On" technology

• 9 band EQ

• XM satellite radio ready

• Steering wheel control ready with BUS/CAN connection

• Dual zone

• Compatible with 2010-2012 Toyota Prius